Anglers' Log is a customizable utility mobile application that allows users to track, analyze, and share their catches in the sport of fishing. Manage your own catches, species, locations, baits, and more! Share your trophy catches using your favourite social media site, and analyze your success with the detailed statistics feature.

No Login Required

Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play and start logging catches!

Private Data

All your data is stored locally on the device; it is not uploaded or shared with any backend server.

Open Source

Anglers' Log's code is open source and can be viewed on GitHub.



  • Log catches, trips, baits, fishing spots, and much more
  • View your fishing spots on an interactive world map
  • Analyze your catches with an extensive and detailed statistics feature
  • View a gallery of all your photos
  • Automatically backup to Google Drive™
  • Automatically fetch atmosphere and weather data
  • Add custom fields to your catches, trips, and baits
  • Add custom catch reports and filters



User Feedback

Jimmie Roop

Easy to use, and helpful in logging trips and conditions. Love this app!

Thomas Lozier

The app works great. I've logged over 60 trips and over 200 trout. Very easy to use and helpful when reviewing previous trips. A must for the active angler.

Erik Van Giesen

Beautiful app. Extensive and in particular the addition of photos and the statistics I think is great.

Oliver Felix

Personal catch statistics in a nutshell. Functional, well thought out, not overloaded. And runs clean.

Zach T

I really like the look and feel of Anglers' Log. It has a lot of options that are really helpful that I hadn't thought of. Also, while it does have location as a permission, it still functions without having the permission. Keep up the good work guys and to all you fellow anglers, fish long and prosper.